Need for public private partnership to meet cyber security threats | T.R. Dua, Director General, TAIPA

Need for public private partnership to meet cyber security threats | T.R. Dua, Director General, TAIPA

T.R. Dua, Director General, The Tower and Infrastructure Providers Association (TAIPA)

 What are the security challenges in building a robust network infrastructure for 5G?

Any new technology that comes also brings its challenges and opportunities as well. The opportunities are huge– it provides you with connected devices, it connects billions of devices. It also brings certain challenges because of low latency as billions of devices are connected there are challenges about secrecy and data privacy. To mitigate all these challenges, there is an institution called 3GPP who have already evolved with the standard providing security and mitigating these threats.

Besides, people also have to involve for mitigating these threats. Let’s say, in any network, four layers which come – the radio access network, the core network, the transport network and the interconnect network. Now each network has three further planes like, user plane, control plane and each plane brings in different threats in terms of the traffic and connectivity. Therefore, it has to provide a totally inbuilt security to mitigate all those threats in the network that comes. With the help of the standards which have come and with the help of standards evolved in ITU we are able to mitigate those threats that are now coming with 5G.

How do you provide security of the digital communication infrastructure against challenges like diesel pilferage, vandalism, and battery larceny among others?

Diesel theft is a serious threat posed throughout the country because these industries use billions of litres of diesel every month and thirty percent of the diesel goes into theft. We are looking to provide technical systems and human security systems.

Second, we have the alarm system which is set in the network centre which gives us the daily consumption of diesel and also the daily availability of the grid supply. As soon as there’s a theft, there’s a bell and the alarm rings up in the network operating centre. Then there are also, cameras which are installed there from where we can know if there is any theft. There are three types of security

  1. Providing a personal security which is quite expensive.
  2. Providing the alarm system.
  3. CCTV System, which gives us the footprints of the people coming in therefore, it is an important subject to involve public private partnership to make sure that the security threats in the cyber space are adjusted adequately. There are a number of steps which are being taken by the Central government. The participation from the private sector is also important.
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