“If you have a Business case, Sodexo has no budgetary restrictions for its digital initiatives” | Ankur Arora | Sodexo

Sodexo is a large organization and a leader in quality of life services. Sodexo is into diverse services such as benefits and rewards , facility management services and food services, etc and Sodexo has large customer base in India, roughly 3 million consumers are going through a large amount of disruption in the digital space.

*What are the digital initiatives that Sodexo has undertaken?

We have diverse services that we offer to our clients in India including corporates, schools, healthcare, educational institutions, etc.  And of course the digital initiatives in each of the domains are undertaken to take care of the segment or a particular set of consumers.  For example, in the benefits and rewards space, we have launched the completely digital benefits and rewards services. We have partnered with a start-up in India called Zeta and we are providing digital reward mechanism for all the consumers.  We are also launching an initiative called Digital Cafeteria which allows the consumer to order and consume food with the help of digital application even in the context of a workplace.

In the space facility management, some of our key initiatives like energy management, space management are helping the organizations keep a tap on one of the largest costs that they are incurring today. There are various initiatives that we take for the respective businesses. We have seen the adoption of technology among  Sodexo and our clients picking up in the recent years and that is a very positive change with respect to digital disruption.


Ankur Arora, Director Digital & Innovation, Sodexo.


*How are technologies like AI-based IoT-enabled energy management system and efficiency and engagement robotics helping Sodexo in its digital transformation?


AI and IoT based system s are very important for our business and they are helping us improve the efficiency of the system.  But we do not fall in love with e technology just because we are technology leaders.  Digital Transformation for us is to enable business transformation. So, we always go with the right kind of use cases which can create real impact in the business. Energy and space are the two most important e specially in the corporate space and we have been optimizing energy and space with the help of IoT solutionsWe are again partnering with some of the cutting edge technology partners both US based and India based start-ups who are doing fantastically well in this domain and they have already started producing some of the results with the help of key proof of concepts that we have done. We have got early customers to adopt these technologies.

*How is Sodexo using Virtual Reality and Augmeted Reality to optimize work productivity?


The combo of VR and AR, as we call the Extended Reality (ER), is really helping us bring the right kind of environment to the users. Specifically, for example we are using VR for training and development. As you know Sodexo provides services in various different kind of environment. Some of these environments are hazardous in nature and the real challenge is how you train your employees in the safer ecosystem before actually going to such environment. We bring through VR the right kind of environment for the employees to get trained before they step into the real life hazardous environment..

AR is again one of the very important use cases where we bring in the augmented information for the employees to perform some core technical services in our clients’ space. It brings in the right kind of know how & expertise along with the right kind of environment that the employees are already operating in.


*What are the budgetary challenges for Sodexo in deploying more technology in Facilities Management?

No budgetary challenges. Essentially, the key challenge is always is to have the right business case and the right justification to bring in technology. As you know bringing in technology is not just a technological change, it’s a change in business. Every technology, if it has to be properly adopted within the context of a business has to have a right business model along with it. And hence for us there is no budgetary challenges, as an Enterprise with access to wide set of resources the only challenge is to have the right business case and doing the right proof of concept with the technology that should bring in the real value for our clients & our consumers and help  grow profitably.

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