Is block chain the solution for you? | Deepak Lalan | Accenture


Deepak Lalan, Blockchain Practice lead, Accenture on the role of block chain and it’s effect on the employment.

  1. Role of blockchain in BFSI, Education and Health.

Blockchain is an agnostic industry, technology lie AI, IoT can be used wherever it needs to be used but as a strong practitioner of block chain, the most important thing is ensuring the right use case of it. Today, people are experimenting, slapping block chain onto multiple technologies and industries but it is recommended to go through decision crease which helps one to understand the block chain is the right technology or can you use centralized data base to do this job. Also, you should ask not if block chain can do this but can block chain do it better?


2. As you know the technology of block chain will eliminate the middle men in the business. How is it going to effect the employment? Is it an advantage or disadvantage for employability ?

Think we enhance the efficiency of middle men, for example let’s take identity – You want someone to first authorized and identify the person so you still need the government authority to come together and say that the person who he is before you put it on block chain and block chain helps you do that. I still need that middlemen to authenticate the data which we have put in. Hence it does not eliminate them but it enhances and streamlines the middlemen’s activities and their contributions in the whole process.

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