“We will integrate our Radiology Information System with cloud storage system” Subhakar Rudra, AGM – IT, CK Birla Hospitals

In healthcare, digital transformation is mainly focused. For us the most important thing is the patient records. So, one is patient records, another is medical facilities. Primarily the patient records, we have decided to digitize that and in terms of digital transformation, our objective was to digitize the entire process from the admission to the discharge and to have a digital record, safe and secure and easily retrievable as and when required so that patient even gets the prompt services and the information related to a particular patient is available to every stake holder who are involved in the direct patient service. So, we have rolled out a central HI system which is integrated with the central IS & LIS. We have a captive data centre the entire data is kept in the datacenter and are accessible anywhere only to those who are authorized to access and this is to facilitate the better patient care. Quite a few healthcare chain has shown that EHR can be adopted, yes it has got its own challenges but it is something that cannot be prevented / cannot be stopped and this is for the betterment of the patient service this is required and this no more a choice, it is a way forward and it would be adopted by every health institute across India. In terms of the patient’s record safety, we have ensured, that the data are stored properly and secured and that’s why we have taken multiple information security initiatives to ensure that these data are secured from external agency. These data are completely private and are only visible only to those who are entitled to protect the privacy of the patient. Securing the digital record has become the most critical requirement these days for the hospitals because patient records are important. They need to be secured and patients are entitled to that privacy. Keeping that thing in mind our latest project that we implemented is centralized firewall system and data loss prevention system. Both are information security initiatives to ensure that the data is not accessible to anyone from outside threat. It’s more of a proactive initiative to prevent any patient data from being stolen. As the trend in these days is that people are more and more shifting towards clouds and there’s a reason for that because every organization is preferring to invest more in opex rather than in capex that helps because having something on premise brings in invites, more investment, it increases the asset of the organization. Instead the organizations are moving towards cloud where a third party takes care of all your worries related to the prevention, backup and security of the data. Keeping that in mind, we have planned to adopt it and we are going to integrate our Radiology Information System (RIS) with a cloud storage system, where the data would be stored as per the compliance one and second is that we will not have to invest in a huge Capex year after year and third is the data would be secured and people will take care of it.

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