Challenges of Artificial Intelligence | Sharat Chandra

Hi,  my name is Sharat Chandra and I’m heading the blockchain association India chapter. We have close to Six chapters in India .

Hyderabad was the first one and Bangalore was second. We have presented in Ahmedabad, Calcutta, Delhi and Pondicherry and our main purpose is to help government understand and Implement solutions on blockchain.

What according to you are the key challenges that companies face while leveraging AI?

One of the key challenges is the bias in AI. So, when we say bias what it means is AI  will only work the kind of data model, which it has been fed to right. So, if there’s a discrepancy of there is a inherent bias and the data AI models may not work efficiently or efficiently.

What is the future of blockchain?

The future blockchain is imminent. It’s already here and it’s disrupting all industries as we speak interoperability of different blocks and platforms is going to be the future and key to how adoption scale

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