Convergence will play a big role in data center | Sandeep V Dandekarr

CXOTV interact with Mr. Sandeep V Dandekarr, Executive Vice President, Netmagic – NTT commuincations, APAC Regional Leader

Q.1) What data center solutions & services do you offer?

We don’t have captive data centres. We have data centres through which we provide either managed services or there are various layers and levels of services that we provide. Fully managed Services  and so on.

So, depending upon the type of business,  the size of every customer, the expectations & requirement are different and to suit them, to give them an experience that they would they would like to have is a challenge in itself because any large customer of an MNC e and a small company that’s a which is let’s say an education company, operating of nutrition classes, in India, their expectations will be different. They are parameters of experience will be different and to be able to give them an experience that satisfies them both with that kind of diversity isn’t an easy game. So, that’s the biggest challenge and that breaks down further into tens and twenties of other things but on a broad basis handling this diversity of customers and making sure that we are able to give them the kind of experience that they would like to have is  one main task.

Q.2) Convergence will play a big role in the data centre efficiencies in the coming time. Do you agree?

I completely agree because here we are seeing change.

We have been seeing changed in this field and the rate of change will continue to grow like we say acceleration is the apex  of speed and there’s nothing more than acceleration, but I would say we are we are evil beating law of physics evenly acceleration is accelerating. That’s the kind of change that we are living in this world today whether it is number of Technologies, whether it is the types of data centers, whether it is hyper scalars or mega scalars or the edge data centres, it’s all going to be important. Many times, a question comes whether edge data centre is the future or hyper scalar is the future, in my opinion it is all convergence, whether it is technology whether it is type of a data centre size of a data centre, they all will have to follow and will have to converge. So, in my opinion or in my view I have absolutely no doubt that convergence is the future.

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