‘Onward Health’ Empowering the Histopathologist & Radiologist in Cancer Care | Dinesh Koka

Onward Health is a Machine Learning Platform in oncology space, informs Dinesh Koka, Co Founder & CEO, Onward Health. Where we use computer vision and machine learning to build automated diagnostic decision assistant tool which are used by Histopathologist, Pathologist, Radiologist to primarily do their reporting process faster. What oncologist are dealing with is, they are already looking at lot of diverse information including lab test, clinical history but even then only about 6 out of 10 decisions actually turn out right meaning 60% of the cancer treatment decisions where the patient actually response to the line of treatment. So that gave us the points to ponder, that what is it, that we can do more with the existing patient clinical information? So the tool in histopathology that we do have actually look at the histopathology slide and helps the histopathologist complete their report faster and have the time. Secondly, we also do tumour micro environment characterization which goes into the slide image and looks at how tumour effects neighbourhood and looks for individual types of cells in the neighbourhood.

Mamography – We have AI tools which looks at mammogram image and contours the tumour and also helps score the classification and liaison as tumours or not because the problem that we have there, out of 12 thousand radiologist that we have in India It’s about one thousand have been trained or would know how to report a mammogram . So there is a sort of gap in expertise that is required and we are providing a decision assistant tool which can help the radiologist report on a mammogram.

Dinesh Koka, Co Founder & CEO, Onward Health


  • ‘Onward Health’ Empowering the Histopathologist & Radiologist in Cancer Care | Dinesh Koka
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