Role of Intel in Driving Network Maturity

Intel has been a catalyst for the open source transformation ever since the foundation of Linux on Intel® architecture in 1991. At the time, open source concepts were just taking shape. Now, they are a driving force for innovation, and Intel architecture remains a vital foundation for open source-based solutions. Together with other members of the open source community, Intel is helping to drive this spirit of innovation forward for NFV (Network Function Virtualization)/SDN (Software Defined Networking) transformation for the communications ecosystem and industry.

Role of Intel in Driving Network Maturity

Intel is a key contributor and leader in open source projects to optimize software and hardware building blocks used to develop SDN/NFV solutions. Intel has dedicated software teams that make contributions to open source projects and standards, such as Open vSwitch, DPDK, OpenStack, OpenDaylight and Open Platform for NFV (OPNFV). Intel’s leadership and contributions have played a key role in the maturity of these projects. Intel is a platinum member for OpenStack, Open Daylight and OPNFV.

Intel recognizes that the network transformation requires alignment with Service Providers. A collaborative approach is needed to identify and optimize key open community software ingredients, targeting high-performing SDN and NFV solutions to move the ecosystem forward. The Intel® Network Solutions initiative focuses on alignment with the Service Provider to address the workloads and end-to-end solution aspects to accelerate industry transformation.

For the vendor community, to foster alignment and knowledge-share across the ecosystem, Intel has established the Intel® Network Builders program to accelerate network transformation with the development and deployment of proven SDN and NFV solutions for telecom and data centre networks. The program connects Service Providers and end users with the infrastructure, software and technology vendors that are driving new solutions to the market. Intel Network Builders offers technical support, matchmaking and co-marketing opportunities, to help facilitate joint collaboration from the discovery phase to the eventual trial and deployment of NFV and SDN solutions.

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